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Wejoy Home LED Projector with Full HD WiFi Wireless Connection Home Theater

JX-A1 Display :TI DLP(Digital Light Procession) Light resource :LED(Red,Green,Blue) Contrast ratio :1200:1 Projection mode :Throwing / Backing projection Overall power consumption :2.5W Lamp life :20000~50000 hours Projection screen size :30~80 inch brightness :20 Lumens Zoom & Focus :Manual...

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Display :TI  DLP(Digital Light Procession)

Light resource :LED(Red,Green,Blue)

Contrast ratio :1200:1

Projection mode :Throwing / Backing projection

Overall power consumption :2.5W

Lamp life :20000~50000 hours

Projection screen size :30~80 inch

brightness :20 Lumens

Zoom & Focus :Manual

Screen scale :16:9

Resolution  :854*480 pixels(VGA)

Color :16.70 million color

Dimension :50*40*20mm

Interface and expansion :MINI USB 2.0

Projection ratio :2.2(projection distance/width of screen)