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Can the laser projector be used during the day?
Aug 02, 2017

In the past we all think that no matter what type of projector, are weak in the environment will have a good effect, if you want to see during the day to pull the curtains, close the door into the light, otherwise the projection appears in The front is a gray.

Why can laser projectors be used during the day?

Compared to the projector, the laser projector's anti-jamming capability, screen contrast and color saturation greatly exceeded the general home projector, the traditional projector. Even in the light of the bright environment, the user can comfortably enjoy the movie blockbuster. The reason why there will be such a big difference, is the use of different light sources. As the name suggests, the laser projector uses a laser as a light source, it has the advantage of high brightness, LED light source is more than 4 times, life is very long, than the traditional projector lamp life more than 3 times higher, normal life without changing the lamp The

Light stability, ordinary LED light source is vulnerable to the air in the weak light or the environment of the existence of water vapor, dust, so that the projection to the screen on the screen color partial white situation, so that viewing experience greatly reduced. The laser is one of the most stable rays, and he always spreads in a straight line without the influence of the surrounding lights and the sun's rays. He is best suited for use as a light source for daytime use of the projector.

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