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Conference projector purchase
Aug 02, 2017

1: Select the appropriate brightness and lens according to the size of the conference room, understand the use of the environment, the brightness of the projector, resolution, lens and other specifications of the choice of great help. The appropriate projector brightness, depending on the impact of ambient light on the projector screen, the projector screen is certain, the greater the ambient light, the lower the image clarity, the screen the more hazy. On the contrary, the lower the ambient light, the screen the more bright, easy to feel dazzling fatigue. And, low environmental impact will affect the progress of the meeting, too high effect will be bad. Therefore, when purchasing a conference projector, refer to the size and environment of the conference room.

2: machine operation to be simple, new people get started easier. In order to make the meeting more efficient, the use of the projector to be more convenient, conference projector operating interface to be more humane, even the first time the company colleagues can quickly get started. Therefore, in the procurement of the projector with the projector, the first consideration of the simplicity of the machine.

3: The use of the projector cost-effective, in the procurement of the projector when the projector, we have to assess the cost-effectiveness of the machine. Which we should take the value of the projector and the service life, light decay and so on into account, the product comprehensive consideration to be screened.

4: perfect projector after-sales service, for the need to purchase the projector company, the projector warranty is particularly important. Purchasing Conference Projector to choose a state of the warranty commitments, short maintenance cycle, a wide range of warranty projector brand.

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