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Consumers buy home projector value orientation analysis
Aug 02, 2017

Home projector is the largest branch of the projector, compared to micro-projector, laser projector, it has a larger demand groups and users. The price of a projector from one hundred to ten thousand dollars, the price factor from the product performance, quality, use of materials, brand value, customer satisfaction, experience and product services and other aspects of the decision, as Other home digital, the price of mobile phones from less than one hundred yuan to thousands of million; TV prices from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, each price of the product depends on the above factors, that is, we often say Value for money, a penny goods.

The first is the led technology; the second is 3Lcd technology; the third is DLP technology; the fourth is the laser technology. LED technology products manufacturing costs are relatively low, the price is low, the image effect compared to its technology slightly inferior, DLP technology, DLP technology is the best product and stability of the integrated technology, using DLP technology, the price is relatively high , The impact of product costs are high. Laser technology, laser technology costs higher, and the technology is not fully mature.

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