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Digital age of home projector
Aug 02, 2017

In the digital age, smart phones have become an indispensable digital product in our daily lives, in view of the powerful functionality and portability, whether it is online social, information access or entertainment, he can meet our needs, but Smart phone is not perfect, its small size screen, although to a certain extent, to meet the needs of product portability, but in watching movies, games and other entertainment experience allows users to feel greatly reduced, taking into account the problem, the current Product development began to "all things interconnected" as the goal to explore, so that the screen is not limited to a few inches the size of the phone can share to a larger and more high-definition screen. The original TV into a smart TV, so that mobile phones can be built through the Andrews system and network to share the smart TV, in the game entertainment experience has been further favored by the user.

But the new question came one after another. 50-inch TV screen, although already meet some of the user's entertainment needs, but for the viewing experience is far from enough, and the large TV body and portability has been contrary to the advantages of portability.

 Home projector for the user's life to open a new window, the user can stay at home can enjoy the hearty movies. 100-inch or even 200-inch screen into the eye, you from the living room into the movie world.

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