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Good projector or good TV?
Aug 02, 2017

With the continuous maturity of home projector technology, more and more manufacturers will focus on the living room theater market, the birth of many models of the projector. From the current home projector more and more civilian prices we can see it to the public's determination.

TV and home projectors are an important part of the family living room. With the continuous development of technology in recent years, as well as changes in age, people have a higher demand for living room entertainment. For young people, about a lot of friends came home to see a game, a movie, enjoy the passion while also releasing the pressure, but at this time not a big enough screen is a very uncomfortable thing. Now is not only young people, for other age users, there will be widespread dissatisfaction with the TV size of the phenomenon, so the home projector will have its usefulness, more people through it to set up their own private large Screen theater

Different groups of people to adapt to the projector is not the same, can meet the demand is also slightly different. So, the future of your living room to choose TV or projection? What kind of projection to choose?

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