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Projector Maintenance Skills
Aug 02, 2017

First, the projector cooling fan clean

Projector cooling fan is the dirtiest part of the whole machine, the projector manufacturers recommend that users can be removed from time to time to clean up. Fan is an important component of internal and external air convection, in the process of cleaning attention to focus on the cleaning of the fan, and toggle the fan to observe the fan rotation is normal, if the fan can not rotate properly, or turn the card is not smooth, the user should consider whether to replace fan. Do not continue to use, to avoid the cooling fan due to failure caused the projector internal temperature is too high, damage the projector.

Second, the connection line cleaning

In addition to cleaning the projector internal parts, the projector cable dust removal can not be less. Projectors used for some time often accompanied by dust accumulation, this phenomenon is not only in the machine itself, but also on the interface of the cable. Here, we can disconnect the cable, with a soft brush dipped in alcohol cleaning interface, if the interface is not clean for a long time or cause the interface aging, image transmission distortion, the effect of poor, which requires our special attention.

Third, the projector internal components such as motherboard cleaning

Due to fan cooling, the projector inside and outside the air circulation, dust through the cooling fan into the machine inside the main board dust, in order to completely clean the internal dust, the best measure is to open the machine cover, with the exception of static soft brush and Hair dryer cleaning. But clean up the motherboard is a very test carefully and professional thing, a little accidentally broke the projector board, it can be really worth the candle. If you are not sure, it is recommended that the user or the projector supplier on behalf of the clean.

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