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Projectors for teaching
Aug 02, 2017

As a teaching projector with a high resolution, the picture is stable, in order to allow students to have a good and easy visual experience, in a quiet teaching environment, noise control is very important. In addition to these, the brightness of the projector should also be suitable for teaching use, too bright screen will cause eye discomfort, low brightness on the screen by the ambient light interference.

Projector brand competition is very intense, each brand product quality, performance, service has its own advantages, whether it is imported or domestic projector brand, the school in the purchase of the projector to build multimedia classrooms on the brand's product quality Guarantee and after-sales service prior inspection, select the machine to work more stable problems, and a reliable after-sales service and product support for the brand.

In the teaching environment, the projector in the dust teaching environment for a long time, which the product cooling, dustproof function requirements higher.

After use still pay attention to dust and maintenance, regular cleaning of the projector, doing so can reduce the lamp loss, extend the service life.

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