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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tradition And New Projectors
Aug 02, 2017

Traditional way

Traditional use of the projector is connected with the computer through the VGA cable, so that the computer inside the multimedia content displayed on a larger screen. So that the various operations on the computer can be synchronized on the screen display.

Lee: Most of the projectors with VGA interface can be connected with the computer is the most common use of a way

Disadvantages: the use of more trouble, each person who wants to use the projector to use the line to even, disassembly more trouble.

New way

The new projector can be connected to the WiPlug, and then the computer, cell phone or pad with WiPlug connected to the same WIFI, and then you can put their own computer, mobile phone or pad content on the projector screen display.

This use requires several conditions:

1. Projector to bring HDMI interface, there is no interface that can be used VGA to HDMI connector conversion look

2. Need to have a WIFI environment, the phone and WiPlug connected to the same WIFI.

3. Need to have a WiPlug device, a small stuff for the size of the charger

Lee: more and more business environment in this form, many people when the change is very simple

Disadvantages: need to purchase a WiPlug device