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CRT Three Gun Projector
Aug 02, 2017

CRT is the abbreviation of English Cathode Ray Tube, translated as cathode ray tube. As an imaging device, it is the earliest, most widely used a display technology. This projector can be divided into R (red), G (green) B (blue) three CRT tube on the screen, the phosphor under high pressure light system to enlarge, converge, on the big screen shows Color image. Optical system and the RT tube composed of projection tube, commonly known as the three-gun projector is composed of three projection tube projector, due to the use of internal light source, also known as active projection mode. CRT technology is mature, the image is rich in color, good reducibility, with rich geometric distortion adjustment ability; but its important technical indicators image resolution and brightness of each other, directly affect the CRT projector brightness value, so far, its brightness The value is always hovering below 300lm. In addition CRT projector operation is complex, especially the convergence of cumbersome, large volume, only suitable for installation in the ambient light is weak, relatively fixed place, should not move.