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Overview Of DLP Projectors
Aug 02, 2017

DLP is the abbreviation of the English Digital Light Processor, translated as a digital optical processor. DLP to DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) digital micro-reflector as a light valve imaging device. A DLP computer board consists of modulo decoders, memory chips, an image processor and several digital signal processors (DSPs). All text images are generated by this board. After processing, the digital signal is turned To the heart of the DLP system - DMD. And the light beam through a high-speed rotation of the three-color lens, was projected on the DMD, and then through the optical lens projection on the big screen to complete the image projection. A piece of DMD is formed by a number of tiny square mirror (abbreviated as micromirrors) arranged closely on the electronic nodes of a silicon wafer, each of which corresponds to one of the generated images

Pixels. Thus, the number of micromirrors of the DMD device determines the physical resolution of a DLP projector. For example, the resolution of a projector is 600X800, which means that the number of micromirrors on the DMD unit is 600x800 = 480000.

Each micromirror in the DMD device corresponds to a memory that controls the micromirror to switch between two positions at ± 10 degrees. And the area of each pixel on the DMD block is 16 μm × 16 and the interval is 1 μm. According to the number of DMD used, DLP projector can be divided into: single-chip, two-chip, three-chip. DMD digital signal red, green and blue rotation, a small mirror according to the location of the pixel and the number of colors are turned on or off, then DLP can be seen as only a light source and a group of projection lens composed of a simple optical system, The DMD reflection image and directly projected on the screen, so a vivid, bright presentation to show in front of us.