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Projector Performance Indicators
Aug 02, 2017

Projector performance indicators is the difference between the level of the projector logo, mainly in the following indicators:

1. Light output

Refers to the projector output light energy, the unit is "lumen" (lm). And the light output is a physical quantity is the brightness, refers to the screen surface by the light emitted by the light energy and the screen area ratio, the brightness of the commonly used unit is "lux" (lx, 1lx = 1lm / m2).

2. Horizontal scanning frequency

The movement of electrons on the screen from left to right is called horizontal scanning, also called line scanning. The horizontal scanning frequency is an important projector indicator that distinguishes the projector grade. Projectors with a frequency range of 15 kHz to 60 kHz are often called data projectors. The upper limit frequency is more than 60kHz is usually called a graphic projector.

3. Vertical scanning frequency

Electron beam in the horizontal scan at the same time, and from the top down movement, this process is called vertical scanning. Each scan to form an image, the number of times per second scan is called the vertical scanning frequency, vertical scanning frequency is also called the refresh rate, it shows the image every second refresh the number of times.

4. Video bandwidth

The total bandwidth of the video channel of the projector is defined as the upper limit of the corresponding signal when the amplitude of the video signal drops to 0.707 times. 0.707 times the corresponding increment is -3db, it is also called -3db bandwidth.

5. Resolution

Resolution: addressable resolution, RGB resolution, video resolution of three.

6. Focus on the performance of the tube

The smallest unit of the graph is the pixel. The smaller the pixel, the higher the graphics resolution. CRT tube projector focusing mechanism of electrostatic focusing, magnetic focusing and electromagnetic composite focus of three, of which the electromagnetic composite focus is more advanced, the advantage is good focusing performance, especially under high brightness conditions will be defocused, and high precision focusing, Can be sub-regional focus, edge focus, four-corner focus, which can be done on the screen every point is very clear.

7. Get together

Convergence is the RGB three colors on the screen and coincidence, the CRT projector, the convergence control is particularly important, because it has RGB three CRT tube, parallel installation of the bracket, in order to do the image is fully converged, Must be correct for all kinds of distortion of the image.