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Projector Purchase Method
Aug 02, 2017

1. Identify the nature of the source

That is, how much the line frequency is what is the output card. According to the nature of the display source, the projector can be divided into ordinary video machine, digital machine class 2. Only show the whole TV signal, such as karaoke hall play video, you can choose the ordinary video machine; to display the VGA card output signal, available digital machine.

2. Confirm the installation method

Projector installation is divided into table-style front, ceiling is cast, table-style rear projection, ceiling rear projection. The front projection is the projector and the viewer on the side; the rear projection is the projector with the audience at both ends of the screen. If used temporarily, you can choose table-style ceiling. If the space is larger, civil co-ordination arrangements, choose the overall effect of the rear projection approach, such as the smaller space, you can choose the method of rear projection refraction.

3. Find out the display environment, such as indoor area size, lighting conditions

Such as indoor area of 100 square meters or less, display area is moderate, no sunlight, lighting lights dark case, you can choose the brightness of about 2000-3500 lumens of the projector. When the ambient light is bright, in a relatively spacious place to use, display area is very large, you need to choose high display resolution, high brightness projector, you can choose 3000-6000 lumens bright projector.

4. projector on-site purchase skills

Check the horizontal scanning tracking frequency range According to the technical indicators given in the horizontal scanning frequency range, from which high, medium and low three frequencies, calculate the three frequency points corresponding to the image resolution. Check the projector in the three resolutions, whether the normal display. Such as the phenomenon of non-synchronous line, that is, the screen twist or jitter, etc., indicating that the horizontal scan tracking bad.

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