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The Classification And Use Of The Projector
Aug 02, 2017

1, home theater type: its characteristics are brightness in 2000 lumens around the projection screen aspect ratio of 16: 9, a variety of video port is complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TV, suitable for home users.

2, portable business projector: business portable projector has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong mobility, is the traditional slide projector and large and medium-sized projector alternatives, thin and light notebooks with commercial portable projector With mobile business users in the mobile business presentation when the preferred match.

3, educational conference type projector: generally located in the school and enterprise applications, using the mainstream resolution, brightness in 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, heat and dust to do better, suitable for installation and short distance movement, function Interface is relatively rich, easy to maintain, performance and price ratio is relatively high, suitable for large quantities of procurement universal use.

4, the mainstream engineering projectors: Compared to the mainstream of the general projector, the project projector projection area larger, farther away, high brightness, and generally also supports multi-bulb mode, can better cope with large The changing installation environment is ideal for areas such as education, media and government.

5, professional theater projector: This type of projector more emphasis on stability, emphasizing the low failure rate, its thermal performance, network functions, the use of convenience and other projects have done a very strong projector. Due to its size and weight, it is usually used in special applications such as theaters, museums, the city hall, public areas, and can be used to monitor traffic, public security command centers, fire and air traffic control centers.

6, measuring the projector: This type of projector is different from the above types of projectors, early said contour projectors, with the popularity of the scale, the projector are installed on the high-precision grating, people also called measuring the projector, To distinguish it from a conventional projector, this type of projector is called a measuring projector. Its role is mainly the product parts through the transmission of light to form an enlarged projector, and then use the standard film or scale to determine the size of the product.