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The Routine Maintenance Method Of The Projector
Aug 02, 2017

1. mechanical aspect

To prevent strong collision, squeeze and vibration.

Because the strong earthquake can cause the displacement of the liquid crystal, the impact of the three LCD when the convergence, there RGB color does not coincide with the phenomenon, and optical system lens, the mirror will produce deformation or damage, affecting the image projection effect, The lens will damage the track under the impact, resulting in lens stuck, and even lens rupture can not be used.

2. Optical system

Pay attention to the use of environmental dust and ventilation.

3. Light source part

Most of the projectors use metal halide (Metal Halide), in the light state, the bulb voltage at both ends of 60-80V or so, the bulb gas pressure greater than 10kg / cm, the temperature is thousands of degrees, filament in a semi-molten state. Therefore, in the boot state is strictly prohibited vibration, move the projector, to prevent the bulb burst, stop using immediately after the power can not be disconnected, let the machine heat automatically after the completion of the machine, the heat dissipation in the machine caused by damage is the most common projector One of the reasons for the repair. In addition, reducing the number of switching machines is useful for lamp life.

4. circuit part

Do not plug the cable, the signal source and the projector power is best grounded at the same time.